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Paralyzed policeman in a wheel chair completely healed

A Randy Clark Classic Pt-1 Remarkable miracles from ordinary people. A paralyzed policeman wheels up to a very tired man and tugs on the man’s pant leg. He needs a healing for his spine that was severed by a bullet a few years before.While the weary traveler is praying for the young policeman, he falls asleep and his head slumps down on to the needy man’s shoulder.

Dr. Randy Clark Classic GAF 1016   remake of GAF 713.791


Healing of cancer lost after going to a spiritualist.

 A Randy Clark Classic Pt-2  In this program Randy tells the tragic story of a girl that received powerful healing of cancer in her legs. For a few weeks she enjoys her healing.  Then her mother takes her to a spiritualist a couple of weeks later and the results are terrorizing. A Dr. Randy Clark Classic GAF 1017 remake of GAF 714.792

29:25 min


Big enemy, bigger benefits

The wild and wonderful David Hogan takes on a big enemy. Don’t worry he is NOT alone. David talks about God’s care during his humble beginnings. The enemy has control over much of the money, the minds of the people, and the territory in the wild back hills of Mexico.GAF 822  29:48 min


The Bible school said , “we don’t believe in demons.”

The program is divided into two parts. Part one: Ok you don’t believe in demons… Part two: Ravi finally got tired of calling on the gods he admired in India. They did not come to his rescue. Deeply discouraged, he went to his room and decided to end his life.Ravi called on one last god and gave him five minutes to show up. Find out more of Ravi’s adventures into Ravi’s World. I’m fairly sure Ravi makes Jesus laugh.

GAF 794 Ravi Kandal-2


Christians that “jump” are a nightmare for the enemy.

Ravi gets into more messes in this program. See if God delivers him from them all. After a demon possessed woman kicks Ravi’s friend into the air he runs to the outside toilet…to pray…for Jesus to get him out of this mess.

On another day Ravi has to travel by train. He decides to wear his favorite white shirt to the meeting. Ravi wants to look his very best for this important meeting. Later as he is traveling, Jesus tells Ravi to jump off the moving train. “…NO Jesus…”, he says, “…I have my good white shirt on…”

GAF 795 Ravi Kandal-3 

29:53 min


Love the Heck Out of Them Pt-1 (Paul Martini)

Meet Paul Martini, an Associate Evangelist with Global Awakening

Dr. Randy Clark and a team from Global Awakening travel the world with signs following.  Paul Martini has traveled with the teams and witnessed God’s mighty Presence and many great miracles.  What I found out visiting with Paul is that he is a down to earth minister that cares for the individual.  That is what is needed to bring healing everywhere he goes.

GAF 89013:25 min Edit 12/26/17 ‘Even If’ Song

Miracles in Paul Martini’s  ministry Pt-2

Take a few minutes and visit with Paul Martini in this short broadcast and get blessed. Paul shares ways to minister to people on the low side of life.  As he is out early one Saturday morning in a park in Baltimore he experiences some wonder-full miracles. Songs, ‘Chain Breaker’ and ‘The Sacrifice Lamb’.

GAF 89115:27 fade min Edit 12/26/17


She was saved at the last moment from going home and shooting herself

She went out that day for the last time to buy a ring then go home and shoot herself when two students from the Power and Love Ministry School approached her.  Are you angels the depressed woman asked? Hear her story.

GAF 927 6:52 min rev. GAF 781 9/5/17


Hearing God’s voice

Dr. Mark Virkler of Communing With God Ministries visits Global Air Force with a lesson of how to hear God’s voice.  Tom Ruotolo from the school of Power and Love tells the story of two ladies that think they heard God’s voice.

GAF 1015   29:32 min


Sweet deliverance

Harold Oberschlake of Open Heaven Ministries teaches on inner healing. Do you need inner healing. Let Harold lead the way to your inner healing.

GAF 715   29:41 min


Christmas Story, two different people saved from death.

A Deliverer, a Savior, a Healer has come to the world.

Tom Ruotolo tells the story of a girl saved at the last moment.  Susan Flemming relates her first miracle of a man saved from death.

GAF 1022C29:41 min (896, 894) 


The Little boy with two elbows

 Chris Ishak’s travels took him to Colombia SA. As he was standing in front of a line praying for people that needed healing, a little boy with two elbows on the same arm stood in front of him for prayer. Chris said it made him sick to look at the twisted arm.

Christmas,  GAF 895-E11:44 min  Rev. 12/17/17


Graham Cooke’s mission, wake a sleeping giant. 

For many people, the Church is sleeping, ineffective, fearful, lacking in the power and love of God as God would have it.  Graham wakes the sleeping giant, the Church,  in this broadcast. This broadcast is produced from a series of Graham Cooke’s [Brilliant Book House] teaching , The Church Has Left The Building.

GAF 1009  

29:39 min


Graham Cooke’s mission, wake a sleeping giant.  Part 2

For many people, the Church is sleeping, ineffective, fearful, lacking in the power and love of God as God would have it.  Graham wakes the sleeping giant, the Church,  in this broadcast. This broadcast is produced from a series of Graham Cooke’s [Brilliant Book House] teaching , The Church Has Left The Building.

GAF 1011    29:37 min



Forgive that one today and be healed

Author of the 5 star book, “Forgiveness” ,  Rodney Hogue will teach on the purpose and value of forgiving those that have wronged you. He will also share out of his book how God will help you through it all. And God Himself will balance the books.

GAF 1001 29:42 min  GAF 839


Miracles at Dr. John Mulliken’s office

Dr. John Mulliken has so many stories of miracles in his practice that he is full of praises to God.  Hear his story on this broadcast.  Old Tyme Radio.

 GAF 1004    29:37 min  (742)


Prepare your heart for the supernatural works of God. Part 1

Once again Randy has the anointing and experiences that keeps us on the edge of our seats.  In this broadcast Randy shares his personal experiences.  He teaches in depth on words of knowledge.

Dr. Randy Clark is teaching at Evangel World Prayer Center.  His message is “Preparing our hearts for the supernatural works of God Part -1“.

GAF 996 29:32 min edit 10/23/17


Prepare your heart for the supernatural works of God. Part 2

Once again Randy has the anointing and experiences that keeps us on the edge of our seats.  In this broadcast Randy shares his personal journey.  You do not need to pray over every person to see them healed.  He teaches in depth on words of knowledge.

Dr. Randy Clark is teaching at Evangel World Prayer Center.  His message is “Preparing our hearts for the supernatural works of God Part -2“.

GAF 997  29:44 min  10/23/17


Laughing and trials go together Part 1

Count it all joy when you face tests and trials

Really?  Graham Cooke tackles that point and makes us laugh.

Laughing and trails go together according to Graham.

GAF 993 

29:43 min


We continue doing what Jesus began

 Do you think God quit writing, speaking or teaching when the back cover was put on the Bible? As I see it, God is always speaking to us and has never stopped doing miracles .  The Book of Acts begins1 In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach 2 until the day he was taken up to heaven,….wait a minute! These Books in the Bible are only” what Jesus began to do and teach…?” AMP Bible. In this program writerSusan Fleming and Dr. Jim Rome talk about their first trip to Brazil. LISTEN and find out why we call this series the Second Book of Acts. NEW GAF 894 shorter re-edit of 757  



The Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

Why are your prayers going no higher than the ceiling?

Robert Henderson shares vital teaching on why your prayers going no higher than the ceiling from his book, “The Courts of Heaven” .   Listen to this most valuable teaching and you may discover why you are not having your prayers answered.

GAF 1012   29:37 min  W/ song, Amazing Grace Estaban


“Is that in the Bible?” the old theologian asked.

Norvel Hayes tells a great story, a testimony, of an old theologian that did not know healing for today is in the Bible. A 19 year old country boy, farm hand, teaches him something.

GAF 1014 Old Tyme Radio 29:43 min


Divine healing made simple

The Praying Medic has been a medic and worked for an emergency medical service transporting injured and sick people for many years.  When he delivers his patients to the emergency rooms many times they are already healed.  That could get him fired.  No, they gave him the title the Praying Medic and he has written a book “Divine Healing Made Simple” instead.

GAF 992  29:40 min


Cheating death, S. York and T. Ruotolo testimonies

Steven J York was killed along the busy hi-way.  A depressed lady went to the mall to buy a ring and then go home and kill herself.  The end of their story.

New GAF 986 30:00 min


Canes went spinning a walker flew up on stage

Dr. Maloney said, “now I can become a little spiteful sometimes. I spun that kid around and yelled all you people stop…turn around…look at what God has done…in spite of you”

…then out of the corner  of my eye I see this walker go flying in the air and landing on the stage…on the other side this cane went spinning…THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN,  like little children, they began crying out to God…JESUS JESUS.

GAF 867 10:40 Min


Need a miracle ?

God’s Presence could be felt in the studio as Timothy Berry from Hearts Ignited Ministries International visited with us.  This happened on his graduation day form Wagner Leadership Institute.  Timothy prayed twice for our listeners that day in the studio and our phone began to light up with healing and deliverance testimonies.  Let him pray for you today.

MP3  New GAF 978     29:43 min edit 7/17/17


From Pablo Bottari’s book, “Free in Christ”

On this broadcast we read from Pablo Bottari’s book, “Free in Christ”.  We cover his testimony of how he was called into the deliverance ministry.  We share from his book some of his experiences.

GAF 998  29:43 min


God is deeper than any pit you may be in today.

This is a shortened radio broadcast of one of the great encouragements I have found from Graham Cooke teaching.  Graham shares that there is no pit ( of discouragement, fear, trouble or bondage ) that God is not deeper still…AND HE WILL SURELY BRING YOU OUT…

Graham receives a special blessing from God.  He is told he will be engaged in a protracted battle with the enemy…and every curse will be turned into a blessing. He repeats the story of a Satanist that calls him.

NEW short broadcast of encouragement GAF 863.  
16:40 min
David Hogan goes and fights battles the most Christians run from or are not interested getting into.  David is a blessing to those far from the law and the comforts of Christianity.  and he likes it.
GAF 991  29:35 min

Witch City and the Children of Light

Christians go to the Haunted Happenings weekends in Salem Massachusetts during the mouth of October to share, “free spiritual readings ?”. On this broadcast we have the movie producer Chris Brands and two of the cast Casey Peltier and DJ Peltier. You may ask does this work?  Check it out.
GAF 995B  29:38 min
In theses two broadcasts Roberts shares his insight, his books and the lessons he has learned as an author, researcher and minister.  Roberts’ series of “God’s Generals” includes the lives and ministries of many the great leaders and revivalists that formed or developed the way we believe.
Part 1 GAF 1006  29:36 min
Part 2 GAF 1008  29:45 min
 The poor little boy’s arm was broken…they could not afford a doctor so when it healed the arm was crooked. It looked like he had two elbows on one arm. Chris Ishak’s travels took him to Colombia SA. There he saw the little boy with what appeared to be two elbows…it made him sick to look at the twisted arm. Find out what happened in this program. When Chris started out in this ministry he believed that healing was just in someone’s head (not real, but just imagined ).
   29:25 min  5/30/17

Did you know that the United States is the third largest mission field in the world measured by the number of unbelievers in the population. (Jerry Graham) 

For years The United States and its many churches have sent out missionaries around the world. In the U. S. we now see that the tide has changed; we are experiencing powerless Christianity. We need missionaries to wake us up

NEW GAF 990  29:45 min


Recovery from Adams fall

You can recover from the fallen world.
Jim Rome teaches on the creation and fall story from the Good Life Radio’s files.  A blast from the past.
GAF 999 from GLR 500  29:42 min

It is God’s love for us that leads us to Him.

Pastor, author Joe McIntrye teaches on this broadcast that it is God’s love for us that leads us to Him.  The gospel message is good news that God is not angry with  you but rather for you.

Wrong teaching has caused many Christians to live in fear and under a cloud of doom.  He goes on to say in essence, that as believers we are not to live in fear.  God and the Church is not going to fail and Satan is not going to win.

NEW GAF 976  29:40 min


Heal my broken spirit.

A young girl in Jamaica,  Claudette Nicholson,  hears God’s voice as she is walking down the street. What she hears changes the direction of her life from that day.    Claudette  follows the Lord’s voice for her life and becomes a minister, a preacher BUT her ministry was empty.  Her story tells us of a long search, fasting, doing, praying, hard work but still nothing was happening.  She relates that one of the reasons her ministry was not effective  “I have been ministering out of a broken spirit all my life…there have been areas that have been broken from my childhood...” Claudette’s passionate message will touch your heart.

NEW GAF 975  29:36 min  [old program GAF 758 ]


Healing from a terrible medical mistake

The Kayla Landis Story

A little four year old girl is timid quiet as little girls can be.  She is given a second inoculation for the same disease and almost dies.  Kayla tells Dr. Rome that she had been prayed for so many times over a twenty year period…hundreds of times…even thousands of times.  Did anything happen?  Kayla replies, ” I stayed pretty much the same”. 

New program GAF 853   7/10/2017 remake of GAF 681

29:29 min


A show and tell of what God can do in India.

Pastor Loren Widrick has just returned from India where he witnessed miracles of people receiving deliverance from oppressive demons and healing of  blind eyes.  It sounds like the Bible.  It is the Bible.  Loren describes what God was doing there, ” a show and tell”…of what God can and will do for His people.  NEW GAF 973  29:30 min


Miracles in ministry   

Dr. Sherri Scott from one of our first miracle broadcast after we went to Brazil and Dr James Maloney share ‘out of sight’ miracles.

GAF 994   29:40 min


Open My Eyes Lord  Part 1

The Gary Oates story.  “Pick him up and bring him in the chair and up here,” Randy instructed the two guys helping me.  I was still trembling and vibrating as they picked me up and carried me onto the platform. I felt utterly helpless in that condition.

In this two part series radio broadcast Gary Oates tells us his story.  Part one, how did Gary get to a place in his life from wanting and trying to quit the ministry to a place where he saw angels and went up through the top of the tent and then into outer space?

Part 1 of 2 broadcasts GAF 861 29:30 min


Open My Eyes Lord  Part 2

Do you want your eyes opened to what is going on in the angelic realm as we live our lives or as we worship our Heavenly Father.  This broadcast is an HOW TO course on how to have your eyes opened to see what is happening in the angelic world.

Gary Oates, the author of the book Open My Eyes Lord ,  will give you what he has received from Heaven so that you too will see into the angelic realm behind the scenes of our everyday lives.
 Part 2 of 2 broadcasts  GAF 862

Gary Oates Ministries


If I get out of here I’ll kill you.

 Don Dickerman the author of the book “When Pigs Move In” makes unusual friends in prisons. He writes a letter to David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam.  David terrorized New York by sacrificing human lives to Satan. Don wrote, “God still loves you…”. Isn’t that Don so nice? David writes back, “If I get out of here I’ll kill you.”  If you believe you are in bondage to Satan or demons this program can help you find freedom.

[sound bites used by permission]

NEW GAF 981  Don Dickerman-2   29:40 min


Raising the Dead with Surpresa Sithole

From Africa Surpresa tells his experience, “malaria has killed this little girl.” She lies cold, dead and rapped in grave cloths. Supresa stands back from the body and just keeps worshipping the Lord…soon everyone grows tired and leaves or goes to sleep. Once he is alone he holds the little dead stiff hand in his hand and keeps praising the Lord….

Source: Surpresa Sithole teaching at the Wagner Leadership Institute, “Missions 101 Raising the Dead”

Pt-2 GAF 750  29:41  min


God has made promises to you then AFTER THAT bad things begin to happen

Okay, you have received a personal prophecy about your future.  You have prayed about it.  Finally you are doing what you know God has created you for.   THEN SOME “BAD STUFF” BEGINS TO HAPPEN.   What’s happening????  Bob Hazlett from EXTREME CHRISTIANITY  takes us to the next step AFTER THAT.

GAF 789 Repeat  29:38 min


God’s prophecies are benefits for your life. 

Graham Cooke teaches with considerable depth about how prophecy works in and for our lives. If you have received a personal prophecy from God, He is fully intending to fulfill it in your life if you stay in His program. Personal prophecy gives you the personal guidance you need for your life. In this program you will learn how to grow and develop the benefits of your personal prophecy. Graham is speaking to a large group of people familar with prophecy BUT it is valuable lesson for every listener.
GAF 944-E  Graham Cooke   Edited  1/24/17
29:34 min

We continue doing what Jesus began

 Do you think God quit writing, speaking or teaching when the back cover was put on the Bible? As I see it, God is always speaking to us and has never stopped doing miracles .  The Book of Acts begins1 In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach 2 until the day he was taken up to heaven,….wait a minute!These Books in the Bible are only” what Jesus began to do and teach…?” AMP Bible. Second Book of Acts. NEW GAF 894 shorter re-edit of 757  14:43 min


24 Satanists, Graham Cooke’s Ministry

Graham Cooke tells the story.  God is really blessing his ministry in new powerful and wonderful ways.  Then one day a Satanist calls him on the telephone to curse him.  This Satanist has cursed ministers before and they all shook with fear.

Shortened broadcast GAF 892 edit 12/26/16 14:23 min


Remember the Apostle John wrote, “As He is in Heaven so are we here on the earth…”   The Apostle Paul writes,” we are the ambassadors of God through Jesus here on the earth. Any ambassador has to reflect the wealth, the power,  and the majesty of the regime that actually supports them.  A TEACHING PROGRAM,  GAF 804  Graham Cooke Part 3 edit 12/26/16     29:33 min

Graham Cooke of


Can Christian have demons afflicting them?

Jon George opens the scripture to answer this question.  He shares his experience with Christians that need deliverance and sometimes  physical healings will follow.  Jon presents a easy to listen to and follow ministry.  He will pray for you on the broadcast.

GAF 971 29:49 min


The relationship of the spiritual world and the natural world

Deliverance minister Jon George in this Part 2 of Can Christians have demons afflicting them?  teaches that there is a manifested correlation of the effects of the spiritual world in the natural.  Once again Jon prays an effective prayer for those listening to our program.

NEW GAF 972 29:42 min


Randy Clark: Everything God speaks to believers is not found in the Bible 

From the title of this program you may ask, what does Randy mean? Yes God does speak to us. Yes we can get guidance from the Word of God, but not everything that God speaks to you may not be found in a BOOK. Let Randy explain that to you. LISTEN to Randy’s teaching.

GAF 796  29:39 min


Limitations of personal prophecy

Paul the Apostle and the writer of much of the New Testament teaches us “…above all the gifts of the Spirit seek to prophesy…” .

The Bible also says in essence, “…do not despise prophecy…do not take prophecy lightly…” Our exceptional teacher for this message and program is Dennis Cramer of Dennis Cramer Ministries teaches on what personal prophecy is and what are its limitations.

Remake of 12/3/16  GAF 769 Dennis Cramer Ministries

29:29 min


What is deliverance?

A medical doctor answers the question: what is deliverance?  I know this is a controversial issue or topic but let our guest give you the insight that she has gained in over 35 years of getting people set free from all kinds of bondage. In this program Rebecca Brown MD will explore the possibility of demonic influence in your life.

Rebecca Brown MD-4 GAF 764-E   29:24 min


A Holy Ghost party?

Our guest on this program, Benihien Powell, has these unusual beautiful experiences while worshiping and singing to the Lord.  Those around her think there is something seriously wrong with her.  She is put in a mental institution and her church throws her out. Later on in her life she discovers that she has had experiences with God’s Holy Spirit. In the latter half of our program Benihien teaches that a revival and God encounters are like Holy Ghost party.

NEW GAF 979 29:38 min


 The Supernatural overcomes hopelessness

Three girls in this program face a life of sorrow, sickness and hoplessness. If you are in that situation today, there is a God in heaven that can reach down and change your hopelessness to a life of freedom, health and joy. Dr. Jim Rome tells the stories of three girls in what appears to be a future with no hope from Dr. James Maloney’s Book, THE DANCING HAND OF GOD. In part from the original program GAF 725 Old Tyme Radio Series Remake

GAF 781 Dr. James Maloney   Edit 11/5/16  29:45 min


Announcement Rebecca Brown 1c4(3.1)


Listen to extraordinary miracles up close

In this broadcast we interview a special guest, Dr. John (Proodian) David  an assistant to Dr. James Maloney. . In this program John reports on two extraordinary miracles he witnessed as he stood assisting Dr. Maloney. John prays for listeners that want to receive an impartation, an anointing, to minister like he has witnessed. Listen to our program. Don’t miss out on this blessing.

GAF 813  29:39 min  [4/18/17]

” I don’t believe you will hear these reports on any other radio broadcast.” Dr. Jim Rome


Elaine wanted more power so she became a bride of Satan

From the life and medical practice of Rebecca Brown MD this is the third part of an educational series.  As believers there is always more to be learned so that we can be better equipped to face the cosmic battle that is going around us.

GAF 749 Rebecca Brown MD-3

EDIT 11/12/16     29:45 min

Believers are the light of the world

Jesus says to believers, those that follow Him, you are the light of the world.  We are a good tree that produces good fruit.  Another power-full and inspiring message from Dan Mohler.  We are God’s son and daughters.  To the world we represent Jesus.

GAF 964 29:37 min


He said, “I defy your God”  

Dr. Maloney tells the provocative story of when he accompanied the apostle Hubert Lindsey at Berkeley California. A young student walks up to Hubert and said, “I Defy your God……”  Hmmmm…I wonder how that worked out?

In the latter part of this program he relates the time his unbelieving reluctant “dad” is caught up dancing in church. And in front of everybody his father winds up sticking his nose into places he should not. Dr. James Maloney GAF 841R

28:45 min


The goodness of God

Todd White’s story continued. He went from being “no earthly good to earthly incredible.” The Bible teaches it is the GOODNESS OF GOD that brings us to repentance .  In the Greek New Testament one meaning to the word repentance is ” to change the way we think or perceive things”. Our old way of thinking may not  SEE OR KNOW God correctly.

 GAF 950 29:55 min   edit 11/8/16 (GAF 790)


Haunted Happenings at Salem

In the month of October, Paul Martini has gone to Salem Massachusetts for a ‘Spiritual weekend’ (?). This is a month long gathering for psychics, spiritualist and anyone that is interested in this type of spiritualism. Paul and his Christian friends set up a sign at a tent that reads “FREE SPIRITUAL READINGS AND INTERPTRETATIONS.” What happens next is very interesting!

GAF 811  Remake from program GAF 656

29:36 min NEW EDIT IN PROCESS 10/17/16


One lie can destroy your entire life.

The enemy of your soul, “the dark side” wants that lie to dominate your thinking to defeat you.  Paul Martini, an assistant to Dr. Randy Clark, is our guest on this 30 minute program.  Paul shares some of his personal  past that and ministry experiences that can help you break the chains of a lie.  Get to know Paul better.  NEW PROGRAM GAF 844 29:45 min


 Anger is one of the most dangerous emotional problems. 

 This EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM is for those seeking answers or help  about their  problem with anger.  It is a problem with huge dangers.  Dr. Brown TEACHES a  serious hard hitting case about the effects and sources of anger. Our program contains unusual information about the role demons play in the heat of anger.  This program can help anyone that knows what I am talking about.   

GAF 821   Rebecca Brown MD    Pt-8  



 The business end of God

This program is about God’s intentions for you,  your life and how He goes about bringing His intentions to pass.  TEACHING PROGRAM GAF 800 Graham Cooke  Part 2  29:58 min

  Contact Graham Cooke at

The burning of Bensuk

“I opened fire on the seven men.” David Cordeau tells how he returned to the Vietnamese village of Bensuk. David kept feeling in his spirit…I did not know that God was setting me up…I wanted to go back to Bensuk…he wanted to stand there and remember how it was like to walk out of the jungle three days after the battle at the bunker ( where he killed 5 men). The Spirit of God spoke to him as he surveyed the countryside and the scenes from the war entered his mind. ARMCHAIR VISITS with David Cordeau and Dr. Rome.

GAF 807 David Cordeau   17:31 min


How to get demons out of our lives

   Pt-5 Dr. Brown of HARVESTWARRIORS teaches a hard hitting 1-4 Biblical method of throwing demons out. It is not something new. Don’t worry its in the Bible.

Many people are plagued hurting inside and in their lives. Yes you may have tried everything but God has always made a way you can get clean and free of demons and the misery they inflict on our lives. LISTEN more than once until you get it.

GAF 765 R. Brown MD-3  12/12/16 29:18 min


A 22-year old defies God:

First part, a 22-year old walks up to the Apostle Hubert Lindsey and says, ”I defy your God…” Hubert replies, “Either you repent or you will be struck down dead before I count to six….one…the crowd begins to count with himtwoothreee” There is nothing boring about being this type of Christian…nothing. Second part, Dr. Maloney’s unbelieving father 92-years old gets up out of his seat during a healing service and sticks his nose right on a large tumor protruding out of a woman’s breast. YIKES….?

The best from GAF 703-704  GAF 768  29:45 min  5/1/17


The Supernatural overcomes hopelessness

Dr. Jim Rome tells the stories out of Dr. Maloney’s book of three girls in what appears to be a miserable future with no hope:  THE DANCING HAND OF GOD part from the original program GAF 725 Old Tyme Radio Series

 GAF 781 Dr. James Maloney  29:04 min


The Hindus  were receiving healings; the Muslims were not.

 Dr. James Maloney’s book The Dancing Hand of God  Dr. Maloney said in essence, “I told them…their gods were false…and my God Jesus Christ was the only true God…I told them I would prove it… bring up all the sick and my God will heal them….”

 GAF 729  Old Tyme Radio Series  29:33 min


A woman gives a dead baby to David Hogan

 FREEDOM MINISTRIE’S David Hogan, a powerful demonstrative speaker, tells the story of how a woman and her husband brought a small bundle to him. He opens the bundle thinking it could be a gift of bananas. No. There is a dead baby inside. The baby has been dead for 7 hours.

Part 2: David is involved in another outrageous miracle. A Muslim woman in Indonesia that was born with an arm that is backwards receives a remarkable healing.

Part 3: A tribal woman is brought to one of David’s meetings. She was demon possessed and the witch doctors could not handle her. These events have been broadcast by permission from David Hogan. Updated  GAF 798  29:24 min


God is breaking off the spirit of intimidation

  Bob Hazlett of TOUCH OF FIRE MINISTRY is teaching that intimidation and unbelief has stopped God from doing many things in peoples’ lives. What other people prayed for in the past you can see happen; what other people prophesied in the past and did not see happen you can see happen; what other people believed for in the past and did not see happen, you can see happen in your life.

Pt-1 GAF 788  29:49 min


God has made promises to you then AFTER THAT bad things begin to happen

Okay, you have received a personal prophecy about your future.  You have prayed about it.   You are getting blessed.   Finally you are doing what you know God has created you for.   THEN SOME “BAD STUFF” BEGINS TO HAPPEN.    Bob Hazlett from EXTREME CHRISTIANITY  takes us to the next step AFTER THAT.

GAF 789 Repeat 29:37 min


What God’s heart is really like Pt-2

Pastor/Author Joe McIntyre shares in-depth teaching on how your Heavenly Father sees you. God has created and desires us to be in continual  fellowship with Him.  In this program you will learn and understand how God sees you. You will find purpose,  joy and a desire to live in a relationship with Him.

 NEW EDIT 6/27/15  GAF 763  29:11 min

From Joe McIntyre’s book, Abiding in the Father’s Love.    GAF 686

Meet Joe McIntyre | International Fellowship of Ministries


Are you able to identify God’s voice?

Dr. Mark Virkler visits the Global Radio program for the second time . Mark states in essence, ” I want a personal relationship with a living talking personal God…just rational theology will not cut it.” In this program Mark goes into detail how he sought to hear the voice of God: just like the writers of the Bible.

 GAF 952 29:38 min (GAF 819R ) 3/28/17


He should be dead.

The Don Wolabaugh story.

Bright red and blue lights were flashing:  emergency vehicles were strewn about the intersection. The air was filled with dust and the chop chop  sound of a helicopter.  A nurse at the scene of the horrific motorcycle accident looked down at the center line of the hi-way.  There lay pieces of the a man’s skull on the centerline.

GAF 744  29:40 min




His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Tony Fontane (1925–1974) was a popular American singer in the 50’s.

I first heard him at a Billy Graham special meeting at Carnegie Hall.  As a small child I witnessed angels flying throughout the massive auditorium.  As Tony sang, “Standing Somewhere in the Shadows You’ll Find Jesus”.  I never wanted to leave that place and I never forgot the strange, wonder-full experience I had that night.




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* One of the definitions or roots of the word glory in the NT Koine Greek means to speak well of or praise.

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